CAT# BH-31
$0.75 each
10 to 99 $0.65 each
100 or more $0.50 each
Holder for single AA size battery. 2.25" long x 0.62" x 0.52" high. Unbreakable black plastic. Solder tabs.
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Average Customer Review:  (7 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Los Angeles, CA
Hard to Mount, Melts Easily w/out leads
Not only does this battery holder melt easily (almost immediately when soldering leads to it), it is also hard to mount. Comes with two small holes to screw screws through, but even with flat head screws, it seems to be in the way of the battery, thus pushing it out and not holding it properly.

A customer from USA
Faster soldering technique
To solder faster, apply a small amount of liquid flux to wire and tab. Attach wire to tab, apply a small amount of solder to iron and with solder ready, touch iron to tab instantly applying solder to tab also. I have had this melting problem on ckt. brds and this is a useful technique. Good Luck.

A customer from Minnesota
Only a small flaw
I couldn't get continuity with the battery until I trimmed back a plastic protrusion near the positive contact. The protrusion was intended to prevent continuity if the battery was installed backwards. It was a simple matter to trim it back with a knife.

I had no trouble soldering. Bend the tab out, and keep the iron at the tip of the tab, and use small wire.

A customer from USA
short course on soldering to this holder
Put a drop of liquid flux on the connection point. Put a drop of liquid flux on the end of the wire to be connected and apply heavy layer of solder to the wire from the hot iron. Then hold the tinned wire in the flux already on the holder terminal and apply the hot iron on top of the tinned wire until the solder flows, about one second should do it. Then rinse off residue and pat dry. Badda boom badda bing.

A customer from WHITEHALL, MI US
Very easy to melt, poor connectivity
I was using this holder while breadboarding some LED circuits (connected with alligator clips)and after a short while found that it had a fault in the rivet to the negative terminal. Knowing full well from other reviews how sensitive this is to heat, I carefully attempted to solder a thin wire to the terminal. The surrounding plastic melted almost immediately. I would reccomend you find another battery clip to use, this one is worthless.