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Micronel (R) #F62AB 009DN CK 9V. 9VDC 230 mA cooling fan. 62 x 62 x 14mm. 10 blade impeller. Fans are unused, but have been in storage for a while, and show some signs of age, ie., oil on label, no label. Guaranteed functional. Great price. Solder terminals/ fan plug.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

Ricky Earp from Tulsa, OK
DIY laptop cooling system
Snagged a couple of these and an inexpensive 9 volt "wall wart", and got some ABS (scrap) from the local plastics supply house and built myself a cooler for the new laptop. I put vents on the sides of my cooler box, and a couple of these inside blowing upwards. A bit "over qualified" for the job. I may reduce the voltage to the fans, but the entire "project" was less than $10. Suggestion: If you try this, put some carpet pad foam or similar on the bottom to keep it stable on your lap. You can cover it with your choice of fabric. A piece of a carpet sample also works