CAT# CON-242
$0.70 each
2 pins. 0.1" spacing.
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Average Customer Review:  (7 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Dartmouth, MA USA
Good connectors
I use these quite a lot (I ordered over 30 so far). When you solder wires to the male plug leave it in the female end. The plastic can melt slightly or get soft for a few moments and the pins will move around if not secured in the female end. A fast soldering job is needed for these.

The connector is pretty secure, normal vibration will not cause it to disconnect.

A customer from SUNNYVALE, CA USA
What is this connector part number
I really would like to know the part number for this connector. How about it All Electronics?

The closest I can find is Molex 2.5 mm PN 022041021. It is the right height, and has the small ramp on the mating tab, but the pitch is 2.5 mm, not 2.54 mm (0.1")

Molex does have the KR 254 series that has the right pitch, but the alignment tab is different.

Editors Note: These connectors do not have a manufacturers part number. They are made for us in China.

A customer from CORVALLIS, OR USA
A tiny bit wide?
This may just be my own ignorance, but I planned to put several (ten) of these side-by-side on a board. They headers are pretty close to 0.020, but the female socket is about 0.0232, so you can't install several side-by-side.

A customer from Atlanta, GA
Good Overall, But Not Molex KK Series Mating (Ok when this PAIR is used)
This combination prewired/crimp terminated header and connector are very convenient as I didn't have to mess with crimping the contacts or finding matching connector pairs.

Note that connectors are very similar, but slightly different than the Molex KK series .1" vertical locking headers and receptacles I've used on several designs.

(These receptacles did not fit exactly on the Molex header-had to replace the Molex with the matching one from this pair).

A customer from Rochester, NY
Motor Connector for RC planes
I use these connectors for the motor connection to the speed control when using GWS brushed EPS100C or EPS350C geared motors. Matches the GWS 2pin motor connector ..