CAT# CON-320
$1.85 each
10 to 99 $1.70 each
100 or more $1.25 each
Mating, weather-resistant polarized connectors. 12" red and black 18 gauge stranded wire leads.
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Average Customer Review:  (7 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Cupertino
Good for Homebrew Bicycle Lighting Systems
I use this for bicycle lighting systems. I used to use Molex crimp pins and housings, but the molded connectors on this harness are more reliable, and more weatherproof.

A customer from Seattle, WA
Motorcyclists call these "SAE connectors"

A customer from Maryland
All Electronics discontinued #CON-26, but this #CON-320 is interchangable. By coincidence(?), the Radio Shack number for it is 270-0026 for $3.49. The price is at the local automotive supply store is equivalent. There it is sold as electrical connector for trailers. So, if you can do without the blister pack and header card, then purchase CON-320 and save $1.99 each. Actually, I got >10 each so the price dropped to $1.35 for each pair. I do not have 10 trailers, rather use them for bicycle light connections and also in transportable modules of model railroads.

A customer from Salt Lake City, Utah
Polarity shown in Photo
Has anybody else noticed that the wires in the product photo are not consistent? The red wire connects to the Male connector on one end but connects to the Female connector on the other end. Same for the Black wire. Unless polarity reversal is desired, wouldn't you want the red and black wires going to the same commectors on both ends? Just saying....

A customer from Atlanta, GA
The polarity is not reversed, this is an extender cable. The ends of the cable correspond with the receptacles on whatever the original equipment was; i.e. Red male fits into red female.