CAT# DCM-276

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Rugged 5 RPM gear motor designed to move baffles in automotive air conditioning. Ideal for continuous or intermittent use where power, slow rotation, low noise and low current are desired. Drive mechanism consists of a small DC motor with a worm gear driving a four gear train. Final drive is a plastic splined shaft, 0.52" diameter x 0.5" long. The composite plastic housing is easily opened for access to the motor, gears and electrical terminals. Overall dimensions of assembly including mounting flanges and shaft is approximately 3.12" x 4.25" x 1.62." No load measurements: 5 RPM @ 13.5 Vdc @ 15 mA.
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Average Customer Review:  (10 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from "Mike in Miami"
Torque Monster!!
I saw that this was for the automotive industry and new that it would be strong. The torque of the motor is unbelivable. I need 15 ft/lbs and this just may do it. I could NOT stop this output with my bare hand.

A customer from NC
Holding power?
I have a few on order. hows the holding power? Looking at the opened view, the worm gear pretty much tells me its nearly locked.

planning on using these for controlling blinds

A customer from New Jersey
power supply
In the animation project what did you use for a power supply. I realize it is 12VDC but did you use a converter so you can use 120AC. thanks

A customer from Rapid City, South Dakota
Nice little motor
Just finished a holiday animation project using this motor. Works great, lots of torque only draws around 350 mA. I used the small molex connector (brown in color) to mate to the motor connections. I had to drill out the holes in the connector just a bit inorder for the connector to fit. Worked great. No problems with the motor. Looking for another project to us one of these again. For info, a 555 timer will directly drive this motor.

A customer from Bakersfield, CA
Lots of torque! I made a model slip joint for the splined output from Sculpey clay, molded it, then cast it in polyurethane. I'm using it to open a hidden compartment door in a truck console.