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Mabuchi #RS-555PH. 12Vdc (9-20V) motor. Approximately 4500RPM @ 12Vdc, 0.15A (no load rating). 37mm diameter x 58mm long. 3.2mm diameter x 13mm long flatted shaft. Solder-lug terminals.
Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from FL
Mighty Mule Motor Replacement
I just recently had mine burn out in my MM350 gate opener so purchased a motor with 20,000 RPM which I'm unsure if it will work yet but will let you know in 4 days when I get my shipment. This style of motor has a RPM range of 4500-20,000 and was a crap shoot since GTO will not give out that info...worthless scam company and just wants to sell you a $200 drive unit when you can purchase a motor for under $10! Will post my results soon.
MajorPita out!

A customer from Palmer, Massachusetts
Wont work with Power wheels.
I like the fact that these motor are so inexpensive but they just won't work as replacement for any of my power wheels. First of all I noticed on the OEM motors, that they have a fan inside to help with the heat. These motors don't have fans in them. Second, I purchased them because previous customers here used them but I am not quite sure for what purposed. I have 6 power wheels cars for my kids and they all seem to use the same type of motors and these are not it. The shaft was not completely round. The end of the shaft (approx 1") is flatted on one side. These types of shaft are for pinions that use a screw to secure it to the shaft and not for the pinions that are held by pressure.

A customer from Seattle, WA USA
Mabuchi motor designations
Check this link to decode the mystery of Mabuchi motor designations:

Here we go:

S=Carbon brushes,
5=Armature size,
5=Housing length,
5=armature (5-pole),
P=Anisotropic magnets,
H=Add'l spec (I guess this means it has a fan built-in).

What's missing (and very crucial) is the following number, which is the winding specification. RPM and torque are very dependent on the windings (and the armature, 5-pole is slower and has more torque than 3-pole). Fewer turns means higher RPM and higher power (and heat!).

My guess is that this is an RS-55PH-3255 motor (which isn't produced by Mabuchi anymore), which has 55 turns of "32" wire (whatever that means, I don't know).

Here's a spec sheet:

Wayne from Atlanta, GA
To Previous Poster
Check the specs All Elec has posted for this motor. They nearly always rate their motors with NO LOAD. This information is difficult to obtain from the mfg. Nearly all the tiny motors in the 'toy' range will turn some crazy RPM until loaded with RATED LOAD (which is difficult to obtain as stated earlier). The motor you modified and installed in the opener may very well be overloaded, thus the slow operation. AND, it's very well possible the motor isn't overloaded, but simply producing the same torque at half the RPM of the original motor. The replacement motor may very well be drawing more current than the original and the drive circuitry is going into current limit mode. But, usually designers of applications with tiny motors don't go to the extra buck's worth of expense for that. There's a number of variables which can be the cause for the 'slow go'. Can't blame the motor for it if it's mis-applied. One last note - I have two small lots of those Mabuchi motors I'm using for small projects. Their part numbers differ by only one digit between lots. One spins at 4500 RPM (NO LOAD other than a tach) while the other spins at 10,500 RPM (Again NO LOAD other than the tach). Current draw varies between the two and varies slightly among all the motors bearing the same part number. I haven't measured the torque of any of them, but oddly enough the motor turning the lower RPM is the weaker of the two as witnessed by attempting to hold the spinning shaft with my fingers. (Now, anyone willing to try that deserves all the pain they receive.) Normally in larger motors (fractional H.P. and larger) when the RPM rating decreases, the torque increases.

Jeffrey Coe from Plant City, Florida USA
Wrong RPM.
I purchased this motor to replace one that had worn out ( Brushes completely gone).
It fits a Mighty mule gate opener, I had to modify the shaft slightly to accept the small gear from the old motor. The rated speed of this motor is 4500 RPM, when installed the gate opens at about half the speed as before.
The motor # is RS-555PH, does the RPM on these motors vary that much or did I buy a dud?
CAT# DCM-330
$3.50 each

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