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12Vdc push/pull actuator for auto fuel door. 12mm (.47") push or pull depending on polarity. Nylon housing and plunger. Housing dimensions 43 x 59 x 29mm (1.68" x 2.33" x 1.15"). Two mounting holes on 50mm centers. Terminals are inside of nylon connector attached to housing. 5" nylon hooked extension rod can be easily twisted off end of plunger.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from BELLFLOWER, CA USA
Bounceless actuator
Notice the way it bounces back from the end of travel in the demo video. Here is how to prevent that.
In automotive applications, both terminals are held to ground potential, effectively shorting the motor and making it resistant to turning. For movement, one terminal or the other is switched to positive, then promptly back to ground. In practice this can be done with switches or microswitches (better because they switch quickly), relays, or a solid state circuit.
The actuator will stop moving rather promptly when the active terminal is grounded again.