$17.95 each
Velleman # DVM850BL. For features, accuracy and ruggedness, this is the best inexpensive multimeter we've ever seen. DC current (10 A), DC and AC voltage (600 V),resistance (2 M ohm), diode, transistor tester, audible continuity and hold button. Protective rubber shell and test leads included.
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Average Customer Review:  (13 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Brazil
After buying this in person at the store on the recommendation of the clerk who seemed unhappy to have his talkfest with fellow employees interrupted, I was displeased to find out when I got home and got it out of the bubble pak, it simply didn't work. The display showed "1" at various settings, indicating it was at least powering up, but it would not do any readings: voltage, current, resistance...

I live far away so returning it is not a viable option.

Waste of money. EDITORS NOTE: As you can tell from other reviews, this meter is very popular and considered a good value. We have had very few problems with this meter and the manufacturer stands behide this product. If you send the meter back via Mail, we will gladly replace the unit.

A customer from Brea,Ca.,USA.
Excellent DVOM worth more than you pay for
$17.95 for this meter?You Bet!I am totally happy with this meter! This DVOM has all I'd hoped for and can allow me to save to buy more equipment I need.I have other DVOMs but I use this meter more than all the others!!Easy to use,appealing to the eye,small and accurate enough for the tool box;Thank You AllElectronics!

LK Boop from Covina, CA
For the price super value
Seems to work at least as well as meters that I have paid 5 times more for. Very fast shipping

A customer from somewhere between here and nowhere
Simply Awesome
This meter is great! I've had this thing for quite a while and it still works perfectly. It's packed with lots of features and is really inexpensive. The audible continuity tester feature is wonderful! A few hints though: (1) readings get inaccurate as the battery dies so replace it when it tells you to, (2) you might want to solder 1cm wire leads onto the probes so you can stick them right into a breadboard (I did). All in all its a great meter. I used mine just today. :)

A customer from Berkeley CA
good value for the money
I've owned mine for over a year now, it's just as accurate as one from a different maker my wife paid much more for. It's rugged enough that I don't have a special case, just keep it in the same tool carrier with the rest of my gear. My one gripe is that the face plate is vinyl and is starting to peel up a bit, that's it.