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16 character x 2 line LCD (Goldentek LM1180SGR) unplugs from board without desoldering. Also includes some kind of opto device, four pushbutton switches, a piezo sounder and other components. The opto device, perhaps an infra-red illuminator, is also unpluggable. Its illumination is used in conjunction with another device on another pc board, EX-67. These items were removed from working equipment. Overall size of board, 174 x 125mm.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from INDIANA
Cheap display for Arduino projects
This LCD works great with Arduino 6 wire parallel interface. Also I cut away the rest of the PCB and kept the part under LCD with the 4 switches for use as control inputs or menu select buttons.

A customer from BROOKLYN, NY USA
891U Quality Control Strip-Reading Color Densitometer

891U Quality Control Strip-Reading Color Densitometer

Contains all features of the 890U, plus internal memory that maintains reference strip values. Trend data can be viewed on displays or manually plotted on a process control chart.

Product Features:

Status "M" Transmission (C-41)
Status "A" Reflection (RA-4)
9 storage channels/16 per channel
In/out limit indication
Internal clock/calendar
Optional modem interface for connection to 3rd party software & QC networks

A customer from SEATTLE, WA USA
Color densitometer?
From markings, it MAY be an 891u color densitometer.

A customer from Portland, OR USA
X-rite Photo Scanning Densitometer? (discontinued)