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7.12" x 3" x 6.7" high.
Average Customer Review:  (17 Reviews) Write A Review

Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (17 Reviews) Write A Review

Robbie L from TUCSON, AZ, USA
Used in APC SmartUPS 1500 - meh
I picked these batteries up to replace the batteries in one of my APC SmartUPS 1500 units. While the batteries work, the UPS complains about them when I run a self test with the UPS loaded beyond 20% of its capacity, triggering a Replace Battery light. My guess would be that these batteries have an issue with high internal resistance that is causing excessive voltage drop. While the UPS works at these higher loads for a proper length, the UPS thinks the batteries are more run down then they are and starts complaining. If you have an application that has a higher load, do not get these. It appears as if these should only be used in low current standby applications, not for UPS use.

The worst part is that I can not return these without excessive shipping costs since I picked them up while visiting friends in LA at the AllElectronics retail store but did not know the batteries had the problems until I was back in Tucson. I did borrow a multimeter in-store to make sure the standby voltage was stable, but I did not run a load test...big mistake.

A customer from Southern California USA
13.7 - VDC Charging Voltage
The maximum charging voltage I've seen (and I've done a lot of electical work with autos) is 13.7 Volts DC. This charging voltage will not harm this 12V battery. In fact this battery would probably work fine as a starting source for a motorcycle. My 1000cc sportbike requires a 12V battery with a 12-14 Ampere Hour capacity. The battery listed above has an 18 ampere hour (AH) capacity, therefore it should have no problem being used in that application provided the starter circuit IS FUSED - as are most modern motorcycle electrical circuits.

Ricky Earp from Tulsa, OK
Peak amperage draw
The Exide site shows their $78 version at a peak (30 second pulse discharge) of 90Amps. Theirs is a "glass mat separator, gel-acid, sealed type". Considering the difference in price and such, I wouldn't push these nearly that hard, lest they go "bang!" Personally, I wouldn't try drawing more than 18 AMPs out of these, or you will shorten their lives greatly. These aren't the Calcium/Lead high discharge rate batteries as used in power chairs, motorcycles, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, etc. Those are double to quadruple this price. They are "pro" grade, and these appear to be "basic consumer" grade. Even as a replacement for the car charger batteries, you might be "pushing the limit" on these, so proceed with caution.

A customer from Austin, Tx
Not all these are the same
This is called a "half-U1" case, which comes sized 17AH to 22AH, and it's the same case used by Robomower, batttlebots, and "jump starters", but that doesn't mean it's the same batt at all.

SLA comes in more or less 3 specializations:
General Purpose: cheap, meant to float for years and be cycled a few times at moderate currents (UPS batts, solar-charged stuff). If you run these down a lot at high currents, they will die in tens of cycles and will not run for very long each cycle anyways.
High Current batts: meant to be used for high currents like starting an engine, also often used for "personal mobility" scooters. The high current capabilities decay with repeated deep cycling.
Deep Cycle batts: built for "personal mobility" scooters, Robomowers, etc. They'll do fine at >10A discharges, and can withstand heat and vibration of being on such a device. Specs are often for >300 cycles, but really 200 is realistic for less ideal field conditions.

These are almost certainly GP batts (like 90% of what's sold). The high current and DeepC types are expensive specialty items and there are really only a few mfgs carrying good ones. I can't even find a website for Douglas Guardian, much less a spec sheet, so it's clearly a low-end GP.

Danny M

A customer from CA
Motorcycle battery?
Say, I wonder if one of these would work in my motorcycle- looks to be about the same dimensions and is actually larger in capacity. Just not sure if it could handle the cranking amps- probably around 30-40 I reckon. Also, would running at around 14.5 V continously do any damage? Can't seem to find complete specs on the battery. It would be cheaper than an AGM type, but not the regular wet cell. Editors Note: THIS IS NOT A MOTORCYCLE BATTERY. Will not handle the 30 to 40 amps and 14 volts will overcharge the battery causing it to explode.
CAT# GC-217
$59.00 each

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