CAT# LT-100
$8.95 each
Pocket-size led tester. Makes it easy to check functionality, color, brightness and uniformity. Plug any leaded LED into one of 12 positions on the socket strip to test at current ratings from 2-50ma. The seven middle positions on the strip are set at 10 mA allowing comparison of LEDs in those spaces. Requires 9 v battery (not included).
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Average Customer Review:  (12 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from HUNTINGTN BCH, CA US
Good deal for the price
This is a inexpensive knock off of the LUMEX LED Tester Box at 1/4 the cost. It does however use a cheaper header than the screw machined header on the LUMEX tester so the insertion
life will be less. If you need to test hundreds of LEDs you would need a ZIF socket which even the LUMEX tester does not have. The new LUMEX tester now tests 3 terminal devices for the same price but the price is still closer to 40$ than 10$. Good addition to the tool box.

A customer from Santa Barbara, CA
handy LED tester
I paid $16 for one of these at a local electronics store for work, and it has been extremely useful for identifying LEDs from the scrap bin. It simply uses a 9 volt battery and resistors (and a push-button switch) to limit the current through LEDs - no fancy current regulation, so the 2-50mA current ratings are a rough indication and not accurate depending on the voltage drop of the LED under test. Accuracy aside this is a great price for a tester that quickly allows you to determine the polarity, color and relative brightness of any LED. Highly recommended!

A customer from VENICE, CA US
One caveat
This is an awesome gadget for anyone working with a lot of LEDs, especially those "bulk pack" mystery types. It beats the heck out of fishing around in your junk drawer for the right resistor/battery combination!

However, as another reviewer pointed out, the current markings aren't absolute.

Using my new multimeter (part # DMM-35), here's the values I measured: 2.7 6.1 13.5 23.5 41.2 60.1

Of course, unless you have some pretty exacting brightness needs, you'll probably never notice the difference--and if an LED is going to overheat at 60mA in testing, it'll probably do the same thing at 50mA or less in actual use!

A customer from Tampa, FL.
Great little tester
Got this with my last order of LEDs and was thrilled to be able to instanly light my new acquisitions.Great device for a great price.

A customer from ALISO VIEJO, CA US
Good but not built for long life
This is a good little tester but I've had mine for a few months and the sockets (where the LEDs plug in) are already getting loose. Even in the ones that I use infrequently (like 2 & 5 ma) I have to wiggle the LED around to get it to light. And, though I have used it on several hundred LEDs so far, this started happening right away. But, I do use it a lot, and asside from the sloppy sockets, it's still working.

Also, it uses resisters to limit the current, not constant current sources, so as the battery runs down, the current level changes.

But heck, for 9 bucks, it ain't bad.