CAT# MK-1021
$4.95 each
Two potentiometers adjust the flash rate of two LEDs. 9V operation. Battery not included.

Note: Kits cannot be returned or exchanged once assembly has begun.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (7 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from LA PORTE, TX US
It's good !
Loose parts - that's why it is called and sold as a KIT

A customer from Ohio
Nice kit
Easy to put together, with excellent instructions

A customer from Peoria, az
R/c quad flasher
I purchased this to use as a flasher for the led modules sold here on my r/c quadcopter. I am running this on 12volts and bypass the 1k resistor since the modules can run on 12 volts. This makes the orientation of my quad much easier to see even in daylight, looks like a UFO at night. It always attracts onlookers in the dark.

A customer from Seattle, WA USA
False advertising!
Buyer beware! Damn thing comes in pieces, not fully assembled as shown. Get you solder gun cuase the resistors, capacitors, lights, etc all come loose. Much assembly required! EDITORS NOTE: That is why it is called a KIT....

J.L. from Ms.
MK-1021 kit
Super item, I purchased 2 for the fllicker effect in two early 1900's Rail Road lanterns, I replaced the red 5mm LED's with 3mm yellow ones on leads and used orange F/Top LED's set lower then the yellow's (on leads) to cast a glow in the globes. Added a 9 v. power supply, wonderful item.