CAT# PB-400
$4.00 each
Design and change circuits quickly and cleanly. Breadboards accommodate all sizes of dips and discrete components with lead diameters up to 0.032". Interconnect with solid hook-up wire (#22 AWG recommended). Wires and components can be used and re-used many times without damage to board or components. 400 tie points. 300 contacts on main board and 50 contacts on each of two power distribution strips. Distribution strips are removable.

Pre-cut and prepared jumper wires for breadboards available: CAT#s JW-140, JW-350, JM6-10, JM7-30.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (14 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from TOMS RIVER, NJ USA
BEST things ever!!
If your a hobbiest like me you should have multiple of these on hand. I like to keep my circuits on a breadboard for a while before i disassemble them so these are perfect for that! I'm defiantly ordering more right when I can!! A must have for an enthusiast!!

A customer from Indiana
Awe inspiring
This is a great product and I just got it and it looks very promising. It seems to be very solid. One thing that I did not know is that the sides come off which is very nice. I am very happy with this breadboard.

A customer from Houston,TX USA
breadboard excellance!!
These are great if you are into electronics, robotics, ham radio or just a tinker...
Like someone else stated, I have multiple
ones, for multiple circuits to design and test... The common "side lines" are great for adding power (+5/12 VCC) and ground. These are some of the best, and I have a lot!!!!KD5BIH

A customer from LAFAYETTE, CA US
Perfect for those "temporary" projects
I love these things and can't get enough of 'em. At any given time I have 2 or 3 "temporary" projects going in my top s33kit mad scientist laboratory, and these things cost about the same as a perf board, but you can reuse both the board and components without clipping or unsoldering when you tear down your project. Some of the other breadboards have screw holes so they can be placed into enclosures, not this one, you'll need to use a nylon tie or something. Use your dumpster-dived 22ga telco station wire for interconnecting.

A customer from Berkeley, CA
You can snap these together to make larger boards if you have more than one.