$14.75 each
10 or more $13.75 each
New thermoelectric devices, prepped with a temperature cutoff switch. Originally intended for 12Vdc use in picnic and automotive coolers/ heaters. 127 thermocouples per device. deltaTmax=79degC, Thot=50degC, Vmax=16.1V. 40MM x 44MM x 3.3MM. Qmax=80.6W, Imax=8.1A
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Average Customer Review:  (20 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from NEW WASHINGTN, OH US
'Cool' Little Device!
This works exactly as advertised. I love it, things like this get the inventive juices flowing so to speak. However, if you don't have the supplies to cool the hot side, I would suggest buying the other peltier model, as it already has heatsinks attached! Would buy again!

A customer from Kansas City
Solid P/J -- overkill potential
Remember that the Qmax (rated in watts) is the amount of heat that the device can move. This device is rated at 80 watts, which is HUGE for a CPU cooler. That also means you need lots of heat sink to remove the heat from the hot side. I used 3 of these with a glycol water jacket to refrigerate a small wine cellar. I used smaller ones for computer heat (cat# pj-5,-6)

A customer from los angeles, CA
i put two in conjunction with each other, hot to cold the hot side of the two was tie wrapped to the bottom of a zalman 9700 cpu cooler, using arctic silver, turned the fan all the way down and ice formed in 5 minutes. i'm putting 13 volts into the two of these and its using about 7 amps. i wonder what 3 would do?
i'm going to need to come up with a solution to take care of the condensation around the chips.
also i'm wondering how much i could crank up my c2d 6300????
i've had it up to 3.4ghz using a chilltec peltier.
but i think i will get better results with these.
any ideas would be appreciated...

A customer from USA
powering from ac
I would like to power this from US ac power...obviously it needs to be rectified to DC but would using AE's CAT# TX-6310 6.3VCT 10 amp transformer connected to a bridge rectifier work? If you can PWM I assume no smoothing is needed. For temp regulation can they be switched on and off at slow(minute) intervals? I read somewhere this could be hard on them.

A customer from Los Angeles
Good Little Device
Give it 3 amps to freeze a drop of water or grow frost. You can feel the effect with usb and a inline resistor or 12 volts dc at about 1 amp