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Helps locate thermal intermittent defective resistors, capacitors and semiconductors. Helps locate cold solder joints and pc board cracks. 10 oz trigger-control spray can.
Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (5 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Warren, OR USA
Another thing it's good for...
I use this stuff to temporarily neutralize yellowjacket nests. Then remove them with a gloved hand and squash, burn, or both.

A customer from RALEIGH, NC US
Great stuff
Since the "duster" and the "freeze spray" are usually just the refrigerant r134a, you can use them interchangably simply by holding the can upside down. Freeze some bugs around the house! The liquid spray will rapidly evaporate, sucking the heat out of small objects in a few seconds. COOL!

Freon, also known as r22, is banned from manufacture and improper disposal. However, you can still buy it, its justs costs a pretty penny.

Please note that the "value duster" sold from all electronics contains r134a and DME (1,2-dimethoxyethane) which stinks, and will give you a headache. That's why it's cheaper :)

A customer from wake forest, nc
stuff works as described
The simpleton who made the comments about this freeze being garbage because it is the same stuff used in the dusters simply doesn't understand the difference between drawing off a gas, as in the case of the duster, and drawing off a liquid which evaporates on contact and chills, as in the case of the freeze spray. Freeze sprays and dusters almost always use the same gas with a vapor pressure of around 80psi. Whether you get an icey liquid spray or just gas depends on where you draw from in the can. Same goes with a can a freon, the stuff they used to make duster/freeze spray out of before it was banned.

A customer from USA
it is garbage
This is the same a a can of air. EDITORS NOTE: The manufacturer tells us that Freeze and Duster are the same except with one you pull from the bottom of the can (I beleive it is freeze) and the other you pull from the top. Freeze is used to cool parts so that you can isolate a defective part that is overheating, air is used to dust.

A customer from USA
Other uses
You can use a can of "can air" duster for the same effect. Superglue the tube in the head, invert can, do not shake, and spray. Works great to remove seized automotive parts (timing gears, etc..).
CAT# PTR-7400
$13.75 each

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