$3.75 each
100 or more $3.25 each
Output: approximately 3 Volts @ 40 mA. 60mm square x 2.5mm thick epoxy-encapsulated silicon photovoltaic cell. Solid, almost-unbreakable module with solderable foil strips on backside. Ideal for solar-powered battery chargers and other projects.
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Average Customer Review:  (15 Reviews) Write A Review

2.99V in mild sunlight!
I just opened it up and held it to the window on a hazy-sunny XMas day and it got nearly 3V and I'm sure much more like the guy that said 4.5v... You know a quality product when its UNDER-rated! As for the fellow who messed up his solar panel, thats pretty unfortunate but you should be more careful, that's your fault! Thanks!

A customer from BROOKLYN, NY USA
easily rendered useless
These don't come with instructions, so I stupidly removed the tape and began to solder wire directly to the foil contacts and they snapped right off. I was unable to chip away at the area covering where the contacts once protruded, like another comment suggests. Unable to use. be careful with these.

A customer from AMES, IA USA
Sharp looking, convenient voltage.
Technically I think these are solar PANELS, since they have leads, are encased in plastic resin stuff, and put out quite a bit of voltage. These are a great alternative to using bare solar cells, because they put out more voltage (on the order of 4.5V in direct sun). Bare solar cells often are more like 0.5V, so you have to have ~9 of them in series to get the same voltage, and by the time, you just don't have the space to mount all 9 pieces, and you've got more current than you really need. These are also more robust than bare solar cells (could probably survive being dropped from waist height on linoleum, maybe even concrete). I was also able to peel one off of a surface after having hot glued it on. They are also just really sharp looking (shiny black, with shiny clear plastic around them). So if you put them on a robot or something, they look really legit!

Ron from Michigan
power specs
My measurements on one cell in full sunlight: Voc = 4.7V; Isc = 75mA
Maxmum power transfer impedance about 62 ohms. At max power you get about 150mW.

A customer from Houston, TX USA
Classy Little Solar Cell!!
I bought one about a month ago... Very classy solar panel!! Front panel is immaculate and polished! !This panel has leads. Most solar cells, you have to add them your-selfs! Vey impressive AE!! I'm buying 3 more! With 4, I get 12volts! KD5BIH