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COHU DSP Dome Camera, Model 311. Color, wide angle, CCD board camera in a black plexiglass dome. Operates on 12Vdc. Power input via 2.1mm coax plug, center positive. Video output via BNC connector. 5.5" diameter x 4" high. Includes mounting bracket. Power supply not included. Recommend our power supply, CAT# PS-1251.

Note: Originally designed as a network camera to be accessed remotely via computer. We have been unable to utilize the camera's extra features, but it works fine as a standard surveillance camera. There are cables and circuitry for network (LAN) connection and digital input/output. Included is a CD with a downloadable instruction manual and software for camera's original intended purpose. We are selling this as a new, functioning, video camera. However, we do not guarantee features enhanced by software or extra circuitry.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

George Cohn from TUCSON, AZ USA
Decent Security Camera
Like a previous reviewer mentioned, once you set your computer for a 192.168.1.X IP, you can use the enclosed software to change the camera settings.

The software also allows you to use a Windows PC as a decent 4 channel security DVR with record and snapshot capabilities. The software will work with Windows 7.

This camera does not have pan/tilt/zoom but is fully adjustable for horizontal and vertical angle if you turn the dome ring counterclockwise to pop off the dome. It comes with the hardware to mount it on a flat ceiling or a drop ceiling panel. No 12 volt DC power supply but they are available elsewhere on this site.

I'm using it with my Swann security DVR so I'm just using the video out.

Decent video under normal lighting but I wouldn't compare it to one with IR lighting and night vision. Makes a good camera for a well lighted location like a store register, etc.

Comparable cameras retail for at least twice what this costs.

Ray Chason from LAKE TOXAWAY, NC USA
Camera board connectons
Wire connections between the camera board and the processor board:
1 RED - Composite video
2 BLACK - Ground/common
3 WHITE - +12 Volts

The camera board draws about 110 mA, the specified supply/adapter can supply 500 mA, it could power 4 camera boards, without the processor boards.

Camera does work ethernet with software as DVR
The guys testing this didn't take networking basics 101. The camera is set to come up on a fixed IP of, meaning the PC you connect on the same network had better have an IP of 192.168.1.X. This means if you have a router, it might be DHCPing adresses of something other than 192.168.1.X, and if that's the case, you will be able to connect to the camera in admin mode "connectionless" but then not be able to connect in viewer mode. This is because you cannot route from one range to another. You can however set the camera to DHCP mode from the Admin tool. So again, network basics 101. The camera is going to default to 192.168.1.x and your computer should intially be set into the same range, but not the same ip adress. Configure the system then to match your network and it works fine.