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A breadboard or perf board is a convenient platform for prototyping electronic circuits. It is a quick and easy way to mount and connect leaded electronic components and is easily changeable when testing new configurations. All Electronics stocks perf boards in a variety of patterns and sizes with holes on a 0.1" matrix to fit most standard components. We also have some boards for surface mount components.

Breadboards come in two basic types, solderable and solderless. Solderable boards have solder spots on one or both sides, or may just consist of a perforated board with no solder spots. The solderable boards allow the connections to be more permanent, but not as easily changeable.

With solderless boards, you simply plug the components into the board and use wire jumpers to make the connections. Changes are quicker and easier, with less damage to the components because they do not have to be soldered. They frequently include integrated, +/- buss strips for bringing power to any part of the circuit.

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