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LED Light Strips

LED light strips are ideal for architectural, indirect lighting, signs, shelf and display lighting. They are easy to install, and their flexibility makes them easy to adapt to a variety of applications. We have adhesive-backed strips and 3-LED modules suitable for indoor or outdoor use in a variety of colors. White strips are available in Cool, Warm and Neutral color temperatures. "Cool-White" is a bluer light, more like a fluorescent light. "Warm-White" is yellower, more like an incandescent light. Neutral falls between the two. We also carry controllers and power supplies for use with these devices. It is a good idea to use a power supply with a slightly higher current capability than required.

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High-brightness, weatherproof 3-LED RGB module suitable for indoor or outdoor, automotive, shelf, display or sign lighting....
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$2.25 module
10+ $2.00 module
50+ $1.75 module
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