BLACK PLASTIC CASE, 2.6" X 4.4" 1.1"

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Hammond Mfg. 1593 series. 2.6" x 4.4" x 1.1" black ABS plastic cases with removable front panels and panel for battery compartment. Integral pc board standoffs. Includes self-tapping screws.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Great little box for 1 knob guitar effects 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from HOLLIS, NH US

The big benefit of this Hammond 1593-QBK case is it has it's own battery compartment with a sliding battery door, that is separated from the main compartment by a divider. So you do not need to unscrew the back of the case to change the battery. It also has a removable front panel.

This is a nice, slim case that is great for making 1 knob guitar effects. I bought 2 of these, the first one I built Jack Orman's excellent "MOSFET Booster" a great clean sounding guitar overdrive. The other one I am starting to build the MXR Phase 45 phase shifter a clone of a great vintage effect.

The front panels is used to mount 2 1/4" phone jacks a/k/a "guitar jacks". There is just enough room in the rest of this Hammond project box to mount a small circuit board, one or possibly two potentiometers 2 if they are small, a 3PDT mini toggle switch for selecting on/mute/bypass and an indicator LED I think if you are careful with layout you could fit 2 mini pots but it would be tight. To be honest you need to be careful with layout because the battery compartment takes up room and this case is shorter than the 1591BK case by 1/2". The other case also sold by AE is better for 3 knob effects.

This is a real nice case east to machine it fits in your pocket because it is 1/2 an inch slimmer than your usual guitar effect project box. Recommend this one.

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