PROJECT BOX, 2.6" X 3.6" X 0.83"

CAT# 1593-SBK
$4.10 each
10 or more $3.85 each
Hammond Mfg. 1593 series. 2.6" x 3.6" x 0.83" black ABS plastic cases with removable front panels and panel for battery compartment. Integral pc board standoffs. Includes self-tapping screws.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Houghton, MI
No, a 9V does not fit this one.
I can confirm that a standard 9V battery will not fit in this 0.83" thick box unless you leave the battery cover off. Two AA's, Three AAA's, or similar will fit though you will need to add provisions for battery connections. None are supplied.

A customer from San Francisco, CA US
I just got one of these and I really like it. It's easily described as a "remote control blank". The self-threading screws worked very nicely (I had a bad expeience not that long ago). The box is structurally solid. The removable insert closing the one end is held in place firmly when closed and removes and replaces very easily when the box is unscrewed. The 'battery compartment' is pretty nice. It fits a 9V with some free space and has little plastic dividers to keep it away from the PCB area. It looks like it might fit a couple of AA's, although it would be a bit tight and you would have to add your own springs and what-not to hold them in place. This box is definitely snazzy.

A customer from San Francisco, CA
I totally goofed in my prior review of this case. The battery compartment does NOT hold a 9V battery! Very embarassing! I hope I didn't mislead anyone. STILL, It's a nice case. Nothing bad to report, just my goof. I'll do some measuring to make up for it...

With some construction, the battery compartment WILL fit 4 N cells, or 2 AA's, or 3 AAA's. With more work it might even fit 6 N cells (but it's cramped). It measures .55" X 1.3" X 2.375". The doorway into the compartment is a little more narrow at 2".

These measurements do not include the PCB area, which is about 50% larger, minus the vias for the screws.