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PROJECT BOX, 2.6" X 4.35" X 0.82"

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Hammond Mfg. 1593 series. 2.6" x 4.35" x 0.83" black ABS plastic cases with removable front panels and panel for battery compartment. Integral pc board standoffs. Includes self-tapping screws.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Do not buy if you are going to put in a 9V Batt.

Reviewer: from Idaho USA

I was very disappointed when I went through all the work to make a project and the battery compartment does not handle a 9 volt battery. this project box gives you the impression that it will with the slide cover and I assumed it would work like other boxes on the market like this one. The box is 1/8 inch too thin. there should be a notice that this box will not work with 9 V batteries.

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