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15 watt 8 ohm mono L-Pad for level adjustment. For installation in speaker cabinets. Includes 2" diameter plate, mounting nuts and a black plastic knob. 3/8" panel hole.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Good for Hi-Fi speaker builds

Reviewer: from Tulsa, OK

I haven't gotten any of this batch, but the last time AE had these I did, and used them to "pad-down" the midrange and tweeters on some three-way speakers I built using all AE parts. If you're running 60 Watts RMS into the woofer, and use one of the tweeters in stock now with a non-polarized electrolyitic capacitor as a crossover (typically 4-8 mfd), these should handle the power to the mid-range or tweeter without a hitch. Price these from the "major" electronic houses and you'll run back here to buy them. Sounds like the hole in the knob is a bit too small. 10 seconds with an electric drill fix. I'm guessing the knobs are 6mm and the shafts are 1/4"(6.35mm), which would be just enough to be really hard to slip-on. These will be in my next order to AE.

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It is not as easy as it looks to install

Reviewer: from DAPHNE, AL USA

This is not a conventional pot. It requires special connections that are not provided here. If you go to google and type in L Pad, a list of websites will come up with info. Click on the one that states Parts Express. Scroll down the page and you will find a schematic for the connections. Connect accordingly and the L-Pad will adjust your speaker volume like a dream.

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