$4.95 each
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Repair broken leads on test equipment and chargers. Make your own low-voltage jumper leads.

Six 2" insulated alligator clips
Six 1 1/2" insulated alligator clips
Ten 2" alligator clips
Two 30 Amp charging clips
Two 25 Amp charging clips
Two 10 Amp charging clips
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Kaysville, UT.USA
Another good buy if you need lots....
of these insulated alligator clips-there's all kinds here, from the type to clip directly to a car battery, to tiny test lead clips, all are paired black and red stretch plastic covers. if you want some other color, forget it. Also forget the impression that they will all have a set screw to attach the leads-almost all require soldering, which I would do anyway.

A customer from Saint Paul, MN USA
A Mixed Bag
Several of these clips were extremely useful, unfortunately, most of them I will have no use for, especially the larger ones. This is also a weird case where I can get the identical product from a local "tool store" for cheaper.

A customer from Houston, TX USA
Great Assortment and...
I bought this assortment about a year ago! I love it... The alligator clips are a great replacement for the 'claws' on the "third hands" jigs. I know, I already replaced mine! KD5BIH