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High-quality, insulation-piercing test clips with 3' red and black, cloth-covered "litz" wire leads. Famous "Bed-of-Nails" test clip designed for use with smaller gauge wires. Also has single spike for larger, thicker wire. Leads are cut-off of new equipment. Because it is interwoven with cloth, Litz wire can be difficult to work with, but the clips, alone, are worth the price.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Customer Reviews 5 out of 5 stars(2 Reviews)

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Bed of nails was not intended for automotive, but it works! 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from PHOENIX, AZ USA

I put these on an OLD Harris Dracon butt set, (telephone test set) that originally came with carpet tack spike test clamps. The old copper clad steel service drop cables will NOT work with a bed of nails set of test clips, but the modern nylon reinforced service drop cable won't work with carpet tack test clips, so my butt set has BOTH! I added this set to my old test set, and I can test the modern drop cables, modern 26 gauge pedestal wires, telcom room wires, AND the old time rubber over hard copper or rubber over copper clad steel cables. Bed of nails clips are easier to find than single spikes, so if you can find an old 1970s touch tone test set with spike clips, add a set of these for a dual lead test set that will work on any wiring used in the past 80 years, with the possible exception of lead sheathed trunk lines. I added these clips to a lot of my test gear. Buried phone cables can be dug up and tapped to make emergency calls where there is no cell service too, but make sure it is an actual emergency. These are super nice high quality test leads, with great materials in the bed of nails and the anvil posts! I think the contacts are beryllium copper. They are hard, tough, and generally do not corrode.

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these are fantastic 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from hollywood ca

pickup some #6 ring terminals.. either red or blue. 14 feet of bulk 17 gauge test lead wire.. some pomona stackable bananas and make you self some test leads that have some reach and work great. leave them plugged in and just wrap the leads around your meter. great for automotive work.. voltage drop tests.. charging voltage tests.. why make each test lead almost 7 foot long. so you can clip onto a battery terminal under the hood and something under the dash at the same time. with the meter part way.. need a long jumper.. move one stackable banana into the back of the other..

the bed of nails in these also is used to pierce insulation on automotive wires without damaging the insulation.
the foil wire these come with are for audio signals. there is not enough mass of wire there to get an accurate voltage measurement .. i have tried..

voltage drop test for cars. engine running. headlights on. dvom at 20 volts DC. one. Negative battery post to positive battery post. 14.1 to 14.8 volts .. two. Negative battery post to the engine block. 0.04 volts DC max. Three, Negative battery post to the body. 0.02 volts DC max.. four, engine block to the body. 0.02 volts DC max. five. Positive battery post to several of the fuses in the under hood relay box.. 0.04 volts DC. SIX. positive battery post to the alternator output stud.. 0.7 volts MAX.. on some cars like 60's and 70's mopars. everything else. 0.3 VDC or less. this takes a minute and a half.. try it. end gremlins.. put your new test leads to work.

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