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High-quality 3W stereo amplifier based on the PAM8403 chip. Small footprint is ideal for portable application. Low current drain. Operates on 2.5-5Vdc. 24.5 X 15.0 X 3.5mm pc board. Easy to connect, clearly marked solder or header connections.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Good performance

Reviewer: from Charlotte

This little amplifier seems to perform very well. Unfortunately the pin spacing on the board is NOT standard 0.1" so wires seem to be the only viable connection.

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3W amp

Reviewer: from Dover, ID USA

I used this as a common mode cable driver, as opposed to stereo outputs. The ferrites and 220pf as per the 8403 data sheet are a good idea for this application.

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Pin Spacing not standard for breadboards

Reviewer: from Silicon Valley

It works but the pin out is very difficult to work with, I did make a PCB footprint for adding it to projects

I wish they consulted me before making these boards

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