$2.00 each
Converts 2-prong AC power plugs with flat pins (USA) to 2-prong, round-pin plugs for European use. Will also work for 3-pin, grounded plugs, but grounding pin is voided.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from NY
They did the job.
For my multi-voltage chargers (110-220)
they worked fine in Iceland and France. However, my heavier rechargers need to be put in very carefully or supported to make sure they didn't fall out. Note; I bought different plug adapters for Great Britain as their plugs are different.

KD7KNC from Kaysville, UT USA
Just What's needed for the World Traveller!
If you have a dual-voltage (110-240V) appriance, such as a shaver, it means nothing unless you can get plugged in! There are virtually no outlets anywhere in Europe which accomodate the std. US double-flat prong plug; for a fit into the Euro mains,you'll need an adapter like this. In Germany and Britain there is a third prong which is a ground. It's not needed. and this plug will fit the two outlet openings of the mains, even in my experience in Britain where the plug contacts are thick, horizontal, and flat, the continental plug works acceptably well; omitting the ground plug too. One of these should get you prepared to use your dual-voltage appliance, and the price is right enough to be prepared before your arrival!

KD7KNC from Kaysville, UT USA
An essential item for the world traveller!
If you've got a dual (110-240V) appliance, such as a shaver, this adapter will allow you to plug into the Euro. mains, excluding the ground provision which isn't needed. From my prev. experience, this type of adapter will fit the Brit outlet, despite the fact the prongs are thick and horizontal with a redundant ground plug as well. If you don't buy from A/E, you can get them in a German " Elecktro" Shop, Just show tem your US plug, and they'll probably know your need. Since the continent is now on the Euro, A/E's price is prob much less.