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Product Description
6mm flatted shaft. 18mm long. Suggested knobs, CAT# KNB-243 and KNB-235, KNB-248G, KNB-248R.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Pretty good pots especially for the price!

Reviewer: from Massachusetts, USA

All of these that I ordered were in very good shape, and were only off by about 2-4 ohms between the 2 channels. Which is actually pretty good considering that I've seen many well known brands have an imbalance that is much, much worse (500+ ohm difference between channels).

Brendan is correct about the pinout of these pots as well.

With shaft pointed towards you


1= In 1
2= In 2
3= Out 2
4= Out 1
5= GND 2
6= GND 1
7= Dummy Pin

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Once you get the pinout down....

Reviewer: from MI, USA

Turns out these are ALPS pots, and the datasheet for the RK14K1230A0X also applies for these pots. The correct pinout is the one with the dummy pin on the far right, with the pins facing you.

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