CAT# BC-127U
$20.00 each
Soneil Model # 1214SR04.
Ideal for charging and maintaining battery systems to 100 amps. Suitable for sealed and wet lead acid batteries. Automatic 3-stage switch mode charger. Automatic cutoff and then float. LED charge status indicators. Equipped with a 6" power cord with 3-prong grounded AC plug, and 1' charge cord with a 3-pin female molex connector. These are used units, guaranteed functional. cULus, CE, RoHS.

· Totally Automatic Switch-Mode Constant Current Battery Charger
· Suitable for Sealed (AGM) and Wet Lead Acid Batteries
· Input 115 VAC (range 100-240 VAC) (50-60 Hz)
· Automatic cutoff and then true float. Can be left connected indefinitely without harming the battery.
· 2-color LED to indicate charge status
· Soft Start and Stop. Starts and stops gradually. No sudden in-rush of current. This protects both the batteries and any other circuits connected to the charger.
· Optimal 3 Step Charging
· Built-in Mode Indicators
· Spark Free Hook Up
· Demand Sensing
· Reverse Polarity Protection
· Over Voltage Protected
· Short Circuit Protection
· Overload Protection
· Line Regulation
· Load Regulation
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

A customer from Minnesota
Green wire optional
The third (green) wire is used to immobilize a device like a power chair or scooter while the charger is in use. For general battery charging, it is not needed and can be taped off.