CAT# BC-201
$19.00 each
Dual stage output and regulated current control to insure that no damage occurs while battery remains on charger. "Fast-charge" cycle of 15Vdc, brings battery to fully charged state at which point the float-charge takes over, maintaining the battery at a constant 13.8 Vdc. LED indicators; red indicates fast-charge, green indicates power-on and float-charge. Screw terminals allow user to attach desired cable and connector. UL.
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Average Customer Review:  (3 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from WAYNESBURG, PA USA
Great for winter
I put this on my tractor. It took about 3 days to turn green. Now when it is cold I can start up and plow snow.

A customer from San Jose, CA USA
float voltage too high for gel cells (unless it is very cold)
13.8 V float is a bit too high for gel cells. It should be 13.05 V at 25 C, and lower at warmer temps.
See also Wikipedia:Float_voltage

A customer from Central,NH
Charger works good so far...
I just received this charger today and appears to work well.I have it connected to a 5ah batteryand the charging voltages for both stages(measured with a Fluke 179) are right where they should be.