CAT# BC-4056
$3.75 each
TP4056 charger for up to 1A Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. Input: 4.5-5.5Vdc. Suitable for USB-powered charger. Micro-USB input jack. 1.05" x 0.75" x 0.20".
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Eagle Rock Los Angeles CA
Wrong IC
The IC is not an LTC4056. It is TP4056 ( copy of LTC4056 with difference pins)

A customer from New Mexico, USA
Good board, inaccurate description
the units I received were different than pictured and described, but work fine and actually are better:

The pictured board has a mini-B USB power input, one IC, and connections for one battery to charge (+/-). The board I received has 3 IC's, micro-B input, and two output pairs, marked in Chinese and (+/-) each. My guess is that the added IC's add regulation and this nice feature: one output pair is for the LiPo/Li-ion batt to charge and the other output goes to the circuit you want to power; so that you can leave both outputs connected, and power the device while you charge -- actually a huge improvement over the board pictured.

I had to experiment to tell which set did what. It appears that pin 5 of the 4056 IC goes to the battery being charged, and the other pair goes to the device power. Note that + and - are oriented one way the battery side and opposite on the device side.

It would be helpful for All Electronics to give specs and diagrams for the breakout board they are selling rather than just the bare IC and describe it more accurately, (assuming the devices they currently sell are as I describe, and what I got wasn't a fluke). Also should clarify which resistor on the board needs to be changed to adjust max charging amperage. [I replaced R2 on the board with a 25K pot, and it seems to work, but have not thoroughly tested for output regulation.]