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Holder for 2 AAA size batteries. 2.1" long x 0.97" x 0.50" high. Unbreakable black plastic. 6" wire leads.
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It works, basically...

Reviewer: from Ohio, USA

The tabs which surround the batteries to prevent them from falling out (or something, I'm really not sure why they're there, as they also exist on the 4 cell models, but the center two don't have such tabs containing them), anyway, they make the batteries quite difficult to remove. Clip them so that they are shorter and then the holder works quite well.

The plastic is far from unbreakable, however. I ordered four of these, and one of them arrived already broken. Nothing some glue and tape couldn't fix, and I'm sure they would have replaced it had I asked, but I wasn't about to ask them to pay $4 to ship a $0.75 part. In any event, there's no justification for calling this plastic unbreakable.

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