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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from PHOENIX, AZ USA
Good for a swamping T L or Pi pad (attunuator) for RF anaylzers
These are nice for a spectrum analyzer, or a service monitor, or even an audio monitor for your modulated audio phone or digital signals. They also allow use of BNC RG58, RG8x, RG8, RG8U and other cables, utilized in RF. If need be you can also find SMA, Type F, Type N, and European antenna plug/jack adapters, including the ginormous 3" stuff for broadcast radio in the tens of Kilowatts! These are great for hooking your gear up to myriad types of test gear!

A customer from Kaysville, UT,USA
USEFUL in certain situations....
Almost all of the RF coax jumpers A/E sells are BNC-BNC cables.. Too bad, because what you really need is a jumper with PL-259's (male UHF connectors) on each end? Well,here's your solution-2 of these makes each end of the BNC-BNC into a UHF-UHF jumper!