$2.25 pair
Very high quality gold banana plug set. Knurled barrel and compression nut with floating "slug". The floating "slug" allows tight wire compression without the twisting effect on the wire strands that other compression connectors have. Sold in pairs, one red, one black.
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Average Customer Review:  (1 Review) Write A Review

Richard Jackson from HUNTINGTN BCH, CA USA
All That Glitters
All that glitters is not gold but all that is gold is live. These banana plugs are great for speakers they can accept large gauge wires (monster cables) have 90 degree wire entry and they can be hand assembled. They also are stackable. The issue is that they are not insulated so should be only used for low voltage applications and since they are exposed can be shorted out if they come into contact with metal or you if the voltage is higher than you want to touch.