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3" brush with medium-stiff bristles. Cut on a diagonal to provide a pointy cleaning edge. Great for cleaning parts or equipment or detailing cars. Probably designed for a dental application, vinyl covered handle is engraved with "Plaque Checker."
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

Caleb from PA
Very versatile!
I've used these for everything from applying flux paste while soldering to cleaning the flash pan on my muzzleloader. Many uses for them and cheap too!

Tim Hyland from HIGHLAND, MI USA
Beyond criticism. It is what it is.
Got these the other day and there were no surprises. It’s a pretty straightforward item, a simple brush with a decent less-than-rigid brush end. They’re short at 3”, so be sure that the length will work for your purposes.

They can certainly be used for more than cleaning out crevices, and the diminutive size may give them more flexibility than the longer ones. Even if you don’t see an immediate use, for $1 you get five durable little brushes that I’d bet you’ll soon find multiple uses for.

I wanted to take advantage of the pricing but thought I better only get one set first, just in case I hated them. Well, I don’t hate them. I love them and now know that for a few bucks I can stock up.