CAT# BT-100
$13.95 each
Large assortment of the most commonly used bits in electronic equipment:

8 phillips bits, 8 pozzi bits, 4 square bits, 8 slotted bits, 4 antenna remover bits, 9 torx bits, 3 tri-wing bits, 9 torx w/center bits, 3 four-wing bits, 9 metric hex bits, 3 clutch bits. 10 fractional hex bits, 3 decagonal torx bits, 6 metric hex with center bits, 6 fractional hex with center bits, 1 wing nut driver.

Also includes 4 extension bits: socket bit holder, magnetic bit holder, 1" extension, 2" extension.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

steve lawson from Laguna Beach, CA
Not Rugged
Use these with care, they will not stand up to rough usage. I used one of the #0 VPZ head (the one that looks like a philips but isn't) with my power screwdriver (set to lowest torque setting) and because it slipped out of the screw head a few times, it's now slightly torn up. It appears these are made from softer metal.

Also, several of the hollow point bits have off center holes (i.e. the bored out portion is askew). Some of them are really bad, and are probably not useable as a result.

Other than that, it's a great set (especially for the price). So, if you use them with care (and be sure to properly match the bit to the head so hey don't slip, and use the lowest possible torque setting) they're a great deal.

A customer from MIDDLETOWN, NJ US
4 out of 5
Im not going to rate this a whole 5 stars because theres no triangle type bits in the set and I always see those........

Even extras like a wing nut driver, I find that really useful......

buy it, youll love it!