$8.75 each
Realistic looking dummy security camera with adjustable mounting base. LED flashes and camera pans back and forth when motion is detected within 3-4' of lens. Operates on three AA batteries (not included). Wall or ceiling mount. Easy to install. Includes mounting hardware.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from North Carolina, USA
The pan function can be controlled with an Arduino micro-controller and some simple code. Furthermore, the camera can become real by integrating a Raspberry Pi camera set to motion detect. Nice project enclosure too.

A customer from Seattle, WA USA
There are certainly sleeker fake video cameras out there but this one's less flashy, even "cheesy" look just contributes to an ultimately very realistic look — along with its flashing red LED and side-to-side movement.

Two things: the sensor is not triggered by movement, but by a change in light using a photoresistor circuit that's pretty sensitive. To prevent it from going off too often I've blocked the little light hole with opaque tape.

Similarly, depending on the effect you're trying to create, you can slow down its mechanical, side-to-side panning motion by using weaker AA batteries.

A customer from US
scared all my problems away
scared the u know what out of these guys after my dog

A customer from HOUSTON, TX USA
Good camera. Looks real....
Good camera. Looks real... Sensor is very very sensitive! However, I wanted it to stop at the same position, every time (toward the front gate and driveway). Sometimes it would stop about 90 degrees from there! I solved the problem. I aimed it and turned it off!
ha ha ha No battery problem either! :-)