CAT# CB-219
$3.50 each
10 or more $3.00 each
This product is currently on Back Order and should be available after 05/28/18
High-performance video and audio cable for iPods and camcorders with 3.5mm, A/V output jack. 6' cable with right-angle 3.5mm (4-conductor) plug on one end, three color-coded RCA plugs on other end.

iPOD users please note: According to customer comments, you may have to plug the yellow to the red and the red to the yellow for video output to work.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (6 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Down the hill and to the right of AEC
ATTN: Soundblaster 6.1 and 7.1 analog card users
I walked into AEC looking for a ready-to-solder 4 pole 3.5mm plug and I walked out with a ready made cable! This is the plug you need for the LINE 3 JACK that outputs CENTER FRONT, SUBWOOFER, and CENTER REAR to your external amps. I found 2 diffrent 4 pole plugs in my junk drawer but they didn't quite fit right. I couldn't find much of a standardized specification for a 4 pole 3.5mm plug, so I wondered if I would ever find one that fit. AEC's plug was a perfect fit. I have my PC sound output into my stereo head because it has analog inputs for 5.1. I needed to whip up an additional amp to run a 6.1 speaker system. No prob since AEC is just the place to find components. I could go 7.1 but there is only so much room on my desk!

A customer from OCEANSIDE, CA US
Works for 5th generation iPod with video
Great alternative to Apple's overpriced AV cable (MSRP $19.00). Only caveat would be that you'll have to plug the yellow to the red and the red to the yellow. May confuse some, but such a small pitfall for the amount you will be saving. You could alternatively snip the cables and solder them accordingly so that the colors match like I did.

A customer from Maine USA
Does it work with the zen vision m?
Does it work with the zen vision m? I have one and their cable is $20.

A customer from Chicago
pin out a little odd
What I get for the pinout is this:
1/8" tip = white pin
1/8" ring 1 = yellow pin
1/8" ring 2 = crown of all 3 RCA connectors
1/8" sleeve = red pin

I'm not sure what the ipods and other devices are spec'd at as I'm using this for RS232C out from a URC device but hopefully this helps someone trying to get the right cable.

A customer from TULSA, OK US
If you have a mini DV camcorder, you need a couple
I have a Canon GL-2 that uses this type of cord for output, and Canon charges $10 for a 1 meter version! It's my experience that this type of cable isn't the most durable, so save yourself some money NOW!