CAT# CB-290
$6.95 each
10 or more $5.95 each
20' Cable. 1/4" mono phone plug to 3-pin XLR jack. As some customers have commented, the + and - , yellow and white leads are both soldered to the 1/4" plug tip. Depending on your application, you may need to desolder the white wire and attach it to the ground or replace plug with 1/4" stereo plug. Nickel-plated zinc-alloy XLR connectors. Fully-shielded low-loss cable. Flexible black rubber jacket.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from hudson valley NY
Nice cord but...
Be advised... these are great cords for the price but they are wired unbalanced on the 1/4 end. 3 conductor cable ( red,white and shield) has both the red and white together on the tip. If you want a balanced connection... you will need a stereo 1/4 plug and re-solder the ends to seperate the red and white. If you are useing a pro mic, you are shorting out the "hot v+ and the cold v- " leads. Still a good value. even aftter the mod.

A customer from Cleveland
Quality materials-bad wiring
The + and - leads are both wired to the 1/4 phono plug tip as stated by a previous reviewer.

Solder the white to ground and problem solved. The quality of the cable, phone plug and XLR socket are all very high. Professional grade to be specific.
When I need XLR and 1/4 to XLR mic cables, I bypass music equipment suppliers and come straight here