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50' roll of 9-conductor, foil shielded hi-temp plenum cable. Color-coded AWG 24, stranded conductors with drain wire. Clear Teflon outer jacket, with Teflon insulated individual conductors. 0.20" (5mm) nominal o.d.. Type CL2P E130356 UL. 150°C. Prepped with DB-9P male connectors on each end with metal back shells.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Nice cable

Reviewer: from Northfield, MN

This is nice cable. There are 4 twisted pair teflon wires, 1 loose wire and the shield. The conductor is tinned copper not silver plated often found with other teflon wires. The outer clear sheath is a bit stiff but also tough. The connectors have metal bodies and are well made. And the cable looks cool with the clear sheath and foil shield. Cool matters.

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