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Control two high-power 12Vdc fans and another 12V device. It enables two fans in tandem, to run at high-medium and low speed and has an on-off control for a separate 12Vdc device. The front face of this hexagonal pc board has three pushbuttons in a triangular pattern and is covered in a thick, flexible dark grey rubber. The wire harness leading from the back of the board has leads with molex-type connectors that mate with our cooling fans, CAT# CF-1225. Another lead, with a 2.5mm coax connector, mates with our 12Vdc 5A power supply, CAT# PS-12005. If you wish to purchase the fans with the controller use CAT# CBF-KT.

Controller is designed for, and has connectors that mate with:
     Power supply: CAT# PS-12005. 12Vdc, 5A
     2 High-power 12Vdc Fans: CAT# CF-1225
     Also has an auxiliary 12Vdc lead controlled from board

6" diameter hexagon pc board with 2" diameter center hole. Rubber covered momentary pushbuttons. Lead lengths from 8" to 28" with molex connectors. Power lead has 2.5mm coax connector. Three pushbuttons: 1/ on-off, 2/ low, medium, high speed, 3/on-off auxiliary power.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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