$8.65 each
10 to 99 $8.30 each
100 or more $7.50 each
50 foot 50 OHM, RG-58 MALE-MALE BNC Cable.
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Average Customer Review:  (4 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Kaysville, UT., USA
For your excellent technical review as well as your value judgment.It is not often that customers perform such a detailed, scientific analysis of the items A/E offers. Most of us do not have much sophisticated equipment to do this-I have only a multimeter... I invite such analysis by others-It's a definite help to all us"hams" 73's KD7KNC PS: From what I know, this is a real bargain!

A customer from WYOMISSING, PA US
Very nice cable
Excellent cable for the price (found same price for a 6 foot BNC at RadioShack) and no impedance. Connectors are not cheap and neither is the cable. This is a steal at this price.

A customer from BAKERSFIELD, CA USA
Cable with BNC connectors
Be forewarned the braid on this stuff is aluminum. Can't solder it. I got some for an antenna project, obviously it did not work out.

A customer from Wichita, KANSAS
I bought this coax before & used it. I needed more so I ordered 2. The cable received today is labeled "RG-58/U Coaxial Cable" no other markings. Male BNC on each end. This time I decided to "check it out" (non-destructive testing) using my MFJ-259B Analyzer and some of the advanced functions. Note: measurements were made using both 50 and 100 foot (2 connected) lengths. I am reporting standard 100 Foot measurements such as you would find in the ARRL Handbook. Z= 52 ohms... Velocity Factor 79.8%...
Measured Loss per 100ft...
...150 Mhz - 4.5 dB,
...120 Mhz - 3.9 dB,
... 90 Mhz - 2.6 dB,
... 60 Mhz - 3.3 dB,
... 30 Mhz - 2.3 dB,
... 10 Mhz - 1.4 dB,
... Remember that is loss per 100 ft. This product comes in 50ft lengths. Conclusion: A 100 ft run on 6 meters 1/2 of your power would be lost or about 3 db. A single 50ft length on frequencies 6 meters and below is very acceptable. Perfect for temporary or Field Day use. Even adding BNC to PL-259 adapters this is a great buy. My FT-817 backpack radio does not require adapters. On 2 meters 50ft is acceptable for temporary use with a gain antenna to offset loss. Finally I have run 100 watts into it. Keep your SWR low as good engineering practice and FCC rules require it.
Larry W8LM ARRL Life Member