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Hwawon HW-15MB.
5A, 125Vac resettable, panel-mount thermal type circuit breaker. 11mm (13/32) threaded bushing. 1/4" qc/solder terminals. Includes nut. UL, CSA.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Poor Choice

Reviewer: from Lompoc, CA, USA

These appear functional but have two serious problems. 1st, is that there is no external marking to indicate the rating, only on the side of the part. Once in chassis, you will have to label it if more than one rating is used on the project. 2nd, is that the 11mm nut is VERY loose, and almost impossible to replace. 11mm is a totally NON-STANDARD size. Other than high flange nuts, even McMaster-Carr has none available. That should be pointed out in the ad, as even experienced folks (55 teats in Electronics so far) have come to expect a standard sizing, and not notice that. NOT expected from ALL at all!

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