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Make a clock with this easy-to-install, battery-operated quartz mechanism. 5/16" diameter threaded bushing can be mounted through a surface up to 0.1" thick. Black hour and minute hands, red second hand. Radius of minute and second hand, 2." Operates for thousands of hours on one AA cell (not included). Mechanism is 2.2" square x 0.64" thick. CE.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Bought 2- 1 installed and functional.

Reviewer: from Kaysville, UT, USA

1 of the 2 mechs. purchased had a defect- the hands would not advance though it ticked. The second one was installed with difficulty because of the thickness of the board. Thicknesses of 1/4" or less will do well; 1/2" is impossible without sanding or machining the board thinner. If A/E responds to my e-mail about the defect, I'll comment about it. They usually handle such probs. well.

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A Useful Item , but a correction to A/E's Description

Reviewer: from Kaysville, UT, USA

If you've got a fairly thin surface to mount this item into, you'll be happy, but if your board is 1' thick, you'll have a lot of hurt, because the threaded shaft protrudes only 12mm from the mechanism front, and a 2mm nut,a 1mm washer and a 2mm rubber washer have to be installed into that space,as well as the mounting surface; the other protrusions A/E measured are theshafts for the hands. This leaves only enough space for a thin clock face! ... Verdict: A great buy and good product if the clock face is only about 1/8" (3mm) thick; many re-installations will work out, check yours before you order.

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Follow up on A/E's handling of the defect...

Reviewer: from Kaysville, UT. USA

I entered 2 revs. on this item, one about the fact it won't fit a 1"thick mounting clock face, and the disappointment of 1 defective specimen. I predicted A/E would do right by me and they did: I received a new movement a few days ago in a padded envelope with latest A/E catalog wrapped around it- didn't even put me to trouble or expense of returning the defect. You can bet I'm going to order more stuff from that catalog. This is one co. who treat their customers right!

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