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CAT # CKT-155

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Delphi Weatherpack Connectors are environmentally sealed electrical connections designed to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture. Terminals are tin plated and have special core wings which allow crimp-only connections, eliminating the need for solder. The connector and cavity seals are triple-ribbed and made of self-lubricating silicone. Cavity plugs are available to fill unused cavities. Pin and sleeve-type terminals rated 0.5 - 16V @ 20A. Designed for automotive, marine and heavy industrial use. Also available in 1,104 piece kit - see CAT# CKT-1104.

155 piece kit includes:
2 pcs, 1-way female, 12015791
2 pcs, 2-way female, 12015792
2 pcs, 3-way female, 12015793
2 pcs, 4-way female, 12015797
2 pcs, 6-way female, 12015799
2 pcs, 1-way male, 12010996
2 pcs, 2-way male, 12010973
2 pcs, 3-way male, 12010717
2 pcs, 4-way male, 12010974
2 pcs, 6-way male, 12010975
32 male and 32 female pins, 64 seals, 6 plugs, pin insertion tool and plastic storage box.

See CAT# CT-18 for a crimp tool for these connectors.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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