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Product Description
5-12 Vdc LED assembly designed for use in cars or customization of computers. Ideal anywhere bright, eye-catching accent-lighting is required. Four-led cluster mounted in a bright chrome plastic assembly, 1.58" x 0.82" x 0.5" high. Two recessed mounting holes on 1.15" centers. 36" cable with red and black leads. We are told that these are for 12Vdc use, but they are very bright at 5-6 Vdc. We currently have no data on their longevity at either voltage. Also available in white, CAT# CLD-4C.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Very very BRIGHT!

Reviewer: from Spokane, Wa

I bought a total of 8 for under dash lighting in my car. Should last forever!
VERY Very bright and easy to install using the two screw holes.
Tested one at 13vdc burning for an hour and only got slightly warm.

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Dash Board Lighting for Vintage 70's vehicle

Reviewer: from Waukegan, Illinois

The vintage dash did'nt have a bulb at every lighted location. They used one bulb and a light cord, that fished from one location to another until all points were lit. Usually these locations were labels like "LIGHTS" or "LIGHTER", etc.
Well this lighting system did'nt hold up well and soon the dash was going out. All except the instruments which had their own bulb in the back.
I used these, and a piece of white nylon strap for light flooding, to relight the dash again. It worked great and even dims with the light switch.
as a plus I added one more to the side to light the left side of the driver were more switches and CB radio are located.
Plenty of light and its great to see the dash again.

If you find that 12vdc to one light is too much then try 2 in series, they will become very sensitive to the light switch dimming action.
The compact size and this price made these LEDs a very viable option.

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Only two leds light on 5v

Reviewer: from USA

I just tested this unit and two leds light for 5v, 4 on 9v+. If you're using this on a 5v circuit, you get two.

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