CAT# CON-234
$1.70 each
4 PIN nylon connectors and mating pc mount, snap-lock headers. Pins on 0.156" centers. Female socket connector is pre-wired with 11" long color-coded 18 AWG stranded wire.
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Average Customer Review:  (2 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from MOUNT JOY, PA US
4 pin connectors
this is exactly the part I wanted for my R/C sailplane wings. It enables me to mount 2 servos in each wing joined via a custom made harness and soldered to the male header mounted in the root of the wing. The female part is mounted flush in the fuselage, wires are directed to the receiver. Hooking up the servos is a simple matter of plugging the wings into the fuselage with the adjoining 1/2"wing rod.Too bad their shipping and handling is so high and 1 of the connectors was defective ,too much hassle to worry about. Murky

Steve Inselman from NH
Works great for my modular.
Fits my diy modular synthesizer PCBs.
My only gripe is the wires could be a bit longer for my needs but no big deal.