CAT# CON-240
$1.35 each
10 to 99 $1.20 each
100 or more $0.95 each
Mating pair of polarized multi-pin connectors with wire leads. Pins on 2.5mm centers. Black nylon housing with release on male side of connector. Female side of connector can be snap-mounted into a rectangular chassis mounting hole. 12" color-coded leads, 22 AWG stranded wire on both connectors.
Spec sheet available in PDF format.
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Customer Comments

Average Customer Review:  (7 Reviews) Write A Review

A customer from Phoenix AZ
Polarity/Pin issue
I use these on locomotives for battery power on my Garden Rail Road.
I have had the polarity issue and the pins coming loose. But still they are a bargin price wise.

A customer from Los Angeles
**Important Notice Regarding This Connector:**
Color Code on these vary. The black and red wires are swapped from earlier version. I learned the hard way plugging a battery pack into a micro-controller. Confirm polarity of connection. If you are retro-fitting with a previous install. Overall nice connector though.

A customer from Phoenix, AZ
Reversed Polarity Issue
I would have given these 5 stars if not for the reversed polarity issue that would have caused serious problems if I hadn't noticed the change on a later shipment. Fortunately, the wires can be readily popped out and reinserted into the connector with a paper clip.

A customer from PHOENIX, AZ USA
Good for low power combo amps & hollow/semi hollow guitars.
I use these on anything under 20 watts for hooking the speakers to the transformer. The 3 wire ones work great when the transformer is mounted to the speaker. The price is good, and performance is also good, especially for 15 watts or less. These also work great for guitar pickups, and Varitone circuit bypass options in semi hollow guitars which are very hard to work on. I can just plug in another pickup rather than do major surgery on the guitar or pickup. These would not be advisable for wiring anything greater than a 25 watt amp's speakers, or about 5 amperes of continuous power. Watch the polarity on all these types of things. Stuff winds up in surplus for various reasons. Sometimes they were made wrong. Other times things do not work at all, like caps which were wound with bad film. Check & pretest everything you buy surplus. If you are a high end premium builder you check the new retail stuff too. That was McIntosh's mantra.

A customer from Lost in NJ
Does anyone know the type of connector this is?
I'm looking for a manufacturer, part number, or any hints as to what this connector is. We use this for Coolight EL wires and they work great.