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Product Description
0.6" diameter x 0.415" high. Two pc leads on 0.38" centers. 345 uH. Max. DCR: 0.2. Large quantity available.
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Just a small inductor...

Reviewer: from So Cal

I bought 9 of them to make a crossover for low-powered speakers. The values ranged from 358uH to 378uH. The DC resistance was measured at 0.2ohms. Nothing special to it.


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parallel for lower resistance

Reviewer: from AUSTIN, TX USA

At this price, you could parallel 4 for about a buck to get a resistance of 50mOhm and an inductance of 86uH. Plus 4x whatever current they are good for. That's a useful inductor size and resistance for designing useful switching power supplies.

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