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Clear, plastic protective case designed specifically for the Arduino Uno. The two-piece case snaps together around the board, holds the Arduino Uno (our CAT# ARD-21) firmly in place, while providing access to all Arduino Uno's connectors. 75 x 60 x 17mm high (2.94" x 2.35" x 0.64").
WARNING: May cause cancer or reproductive harm.
California Prop. 65
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Good for Mounting and Deploying an UNO Board

Reviewer: from Talbott, East Tennessee

I attached this clear case around an Arduino UNO r3. I'm pretty clumsy and thought a protective case might be a good idea.
PROs: It fits the UNO very well and holds the board securely. It allows access to all the I/O pins and power jacks. It allows you to see the board-mounted surface LEDs. It uses a stand-off to allow you to push the reset button. It has mounting slots on the bottom of the case to secure it to a flat surface.
CONS: The snaps that hold the top to the bottom are not very robust. The case will not protect the contents from dirt, dust, or moisture. It might protect the board, but it probably would not survive a large-height fall or heavy crush. This case is best for light-duty protection, visual display and mounting and deploying the UNO board in a protected environment. Still, I would rather have it than not, because some protection is better than none.

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